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Pandarix Software gives you the event and venue - multiple sales channels ranging from your traditional in-house booking agents to the latest mobile sales channel technology where you can employ home workers. Pandarix makes certain all sales activity is 100% real time so whether you are seated 1000 miles away from the venue or at a prospects site, you will still be able to check availability and grow your sales. Pandarix offers:

  1. Fully integrated to sell all your inventory be it space, tickets or activities
  2. Open or close multiple sales channels through better technology and time management capabilities
  3. Real time sales from anywhere in the world
  4. Complete flexibility to tailor the sales journey
  5. Structured booking processes to ensure the integrity of the booking
  6. Allocate inventory to sales channels based priority
  7. Set up dynamic performance measurements and incentive programs

    Web Shop, Online Booking Software for Events & Venues

    Pandarix is a ‘Single Basket’ solution enabling your customer to buy a multitude of products and services as you do for example on Amazon.

    The Web shop can be fully branded and personalised and sales journeys tailored to convert want to cash simply and quickly and easily. For example customers can be seated via table plans and seating charts, not forgetting pitch hire or golf-times. All of which use graphical drag and drop interfaces. You can sell multiple types of inventory only restricted by you on the ground.

    Event & Venue Corporate Sales Software

    Pandarix gives a new dimension to your corporate sales process with a simple sales tool which handles the entire sales process, from quotation to generation of sales agreement to confirmed booking. This caters to and manages not only corporate customers but VIP’s too and has all the flexibility you require to deliver a tailored service to your customers.

    Pandarix can be used for all types of sales across all business areas of an event.

    Box Office, Walk in Sales Software

    Combining full ‘Mobility’ and your ‘Brand’ Pandarix delivers cutting edge technology wrapped around a very simple set of building blocks to help you deliver a world class service that is tailored for your event and venue to succeed achieving sales targets and support your sales team day in day out.

    Box Office built to work on any type of mobile devices including tablet technology supports queue busting and up sell and cross sell functionality with fully integrated payment gateway and image driven sale journeys!

    Call Centre Software

    Users can make informed decisions on the level of service that needs to be delivered thanks to rich level of customer services detail at hand, as well as purchase history.

    Sales processing becomes simple easy and quick with Pandarix Call Centre Solution as all the events and inventory can be image lead and returns too can be process simply and quickly by a customer services team giving options to upgrade and cross sale products but all the time keeping the customer happy.

    3rd Party Sales Agents Software

    Allocate all types of inventory within minutes, set up commission structure and packages to suite your sales agents. Increase your reach but not your work load as Pandarix tracks all you sales agent bookings and manages the full sales and delivery cycle seamlessly.

    Pop Up Stores

    Literally set up camp and sell. All this off course is possible because of the simple solution built mobile technology. You can now take advantage of high foot-fall in a shopping mall or an event you are or sponsor of yours is supporting. It’s very simple where there is internet connection you can sell!

  • Joined up Experience

  • Pandarix is a One Touch System

    Completely connected, entirely searchable

    Logging in to 5 plus systems(CRM, Ticketing system, Event Software, Activity Bookings, Finance, Calendar, Reports, Spread sheets, just to name a few ) every morning just to get work done is no fun at all. Every Pandarix Software feature helps you consolidate content and communications into one easily searchable tool, (that’s available 24 hrs a day!) saving you time, increasing your efficiencies and ultimately saving everyone money!

    Do not double enter anything anymore – Pandarix is built bottom up us as a single entry system