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Why Pandarix Software works for Events & Venues

Immediate Return on your Investment with Pandarix Software

Top 10 reasons why Pandarix Software ‘Ticks all the Boxes’ for venue and event managers when it comes to justify the purchase decision

  1. Risk Free proven ‘out of the box’ Software
  2. Simple and User-friendly
  3. One Solution, One Price, One Software, One Services Team – Pandarix
  4. Manage all your CRM, Events, Venue Hire, Ticketing, Catering, Sport & Leisure Bookings under one system
  5. Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Solution
  6. Very Affordable
  7. Delivers on expected savings and revenue increases over a far shorter timeline vs. Competition
  8. Dynamic, Agile & Flexible
  9. Choice is yours Cloud, Software as a Service( SAAS), or In-house deployment
  10. Help is always on Hand – 24/7 from our Professional, Polite Services Team
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Want to learn more about Pandarix Event & Venue Management Software?

  • Joined Up Experience

    Venue and events business processes are the critical connection between the organisation and the customers you intend to serve. Pandarix’s attention to business process linkages tied to the software system is an important part of the overall ROI analysis.

  • Pandarix is a One Touch System

    Completely connected, entirely searchable

    Logging in to 5 plus systems(CRM, Ticketing system, Event Software, Activity Bookings, Finance, Calendar, Reports, Spread sheets, just to name a few ) every morning just to get work done is no fun at all. Every Pandarix Software feature helps you consolidate content and communications into one easily searchable tool, (that’s available 24 hrs a day!) saving you time, increasing your efficiencies and ultimately saving everyone money!

    Do not double enter anything anymore – Pandarix is built bottom up us as a single entry system

  • Sales Anywhere Anytime

    6 Quickest and Simplest ways you can Sell & Market all your product lines including Venue Hire, Events, Ticketing, Catering, and Sport & Leisure Bookings. List goes on.... Badges, Hospitality C&B Packages Merchandise Gift Vouchers Exhibitions.... and more

    • Web Shop, Online Bookings
    • Box Office, Walk in Sales
    • Call Centre
    • Corporate Sales Team
    • 3rd Party Sales Agents
    • Pop Up Stores
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  • A Single Software Solution

    Pandarix software creates a collaborative environment for your team to work within. Pandarix offers integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), both Resource and Venue Calendars, Event and Function scripting, Financial management, Dashboards and Reports, Document management, Floor Plans, Automatic Seating and Table allocations, Catering, Packages, API’s and Interfaces, as well as a full capability and integrated Ticketing System and Leisure and Sport Activity Booking solution!

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  • Simple & User friendly software

    Pandarix is refreshingly a World Class System that does not look or is mammoth to grasp in proportion to your event challenges that must be solved in rapid time. Pandarix Software is nimble, flexible with the functionality to adapt quickly to your changing needs. Pandarix is your next generation CRM, event and venue, ticket, sport and leisure booking management system.

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  • 100% Value for Money

    When you are through evaluating the competitor options and you seriously compare what is possible at the price points we offer the decision is obvious.

    Pandarix delivers, producing the greatest possible value relative to its cost.

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  • Cloud or In-House Install

    The choice is entirely yours – we shall not push you one way or the other but will work in collaboration to understand what best fits your event or venue business

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  • Integration Points

    Pandarix is built on web services and can bind fully with exiting in-house software and 3rd party suppliers to provide one single holistic solution

    • Third Party Application Interfaces
    • Customer Facing Interfaces
    • Customer Serving Interfaces
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  • 24 X 7 Support to Suit your requirements

    Pandarix Software will be a central part of your organization and we take it seriously. With database mirroring, 99.6% uptime, and 24/7 monitoring, we've got you covered!

    Our goal is always to provide fist class after sales service & support

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  • Supports Multi Site Operators

    Pandarix Software is a true multi-site solution delivering full control and massively reducing administrative overhead for multi-site operators.

    Pandarix Software has a proven track record supporting the delivery of a full end to end CRM Event and Venue Software Solution for multi-dimensional World Class Events & Venues. Supporting multiple types of events, venues, resources, inventory, and product lines, that lends itself naturally to provide a good robust and flexible solution to support and manage scalable multi-site businesses.

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