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  • Delivering work orders down to the specific department level within your organization that does not require the entire event function sheet to be printed is so vitally important. Having a capability to deliver such orders for periods that you designate, such as a week at a time or with an event in mind, means your teams work far more efficiently knowing exactly what is required with extraneous information.

    Pandarix Software manages this as part of the service delivery phase of your events. From the work order to the service order through invoicing Pandarix Software manages this important business process with checks and balances along the way.

    • Event managers can orchestrate the full event and monitor the progress
    • Changes and revisions on the day and prior to Invoicing can be tracked
    • Sign-off before Invoicing
    • Accountability at all stages
    • Resource management
  • Task Management
    by Pandarix Software

    • Manage Your Work, Your Way
    • Easy to use, nothing to learn – get the job done!
    • Deliverables at team or department level
    • Automate the generation of facility, resource list, and deliverables so nothing is missed out.
    • Collaborate on tasks, calendars & documentation
    • Manage events of any size & complexity
  • Task Linked with
    Microsoft Outlook Calendar

    Completely customisable to fit your event delivery process - You define the information you want to record and track – so your event team isn't slowed down with irrelevant features and complications.

    Transform the way your team works together

  • Document Management

    Every step of the way documents are updated version and managed. So it is not a hindrance to the delivery of the event but becomes an asset to the process

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  • Upgrade, Cross Sell & Up-sell

    Every opportunity is afforded in the event delivery cycle to provide excellence and help make sure the customer is provided with all the services and inventory required to make the event a memorable one

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  • Track Service & Work Order Changes

    Whether you’re completing the execution of an event, or closing a deal down – getting everything related to the job on one page instantly makes collaboration easier. Attach files, view the status and add comments -everything’s updated in real time. Every single item can be tracked measured and accounted so you generate the maximum return to all the stakeholder involved with the event.