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Pandarix software has a proven formula that will provide at all levels of a hospitality business a ‘closed loop and fully integrated event and venue management software’ as described below that will not only meet but in most instances exceed business expectations and requirements.

The Venue hire and event management software solution is

  1. Fast to implement
  2. Simple to use
  3. Affordable to maintain
  4. Scalable to grow with your event and venue business

360' Booking Work Flow

Pandarix venue and event management software can assist you every step of the way from the planning stage right down to delivering the most simplest or complex venue hire or event.

We illustrate the streamlined Pandarix experience below via a story. In our story Pandarix Software delivers a dream wedding day including the formal registration, champagne reception, 3-course dinner, cake, set-up of a ball room and a band for 100 guests plus a helicopter ride!.

This is just one path as to how you can use the event and venue software solution. The same functions can be carried in a multitude of processes to best fit your event and venue business.

Check Availability

After some consideration the family is now ready to pencil a few dates on the calendar, once they saw the price list and wedding fact sheets sent out automatically from Pandarix Software

The sales manager can simply and quickly check availability from literally anywhere in the world in real time and pencil book dates with automated reminders to follow up and firm up a dates on Pandarix Software.

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All fact sheets and price list can be sent automatically to the wedding party’s families from Pandarix Software on registering a sales enquiry on line or by phone. All the information thereafter is stored about the customer and any future communications and bookings will be stored against the record and all the teams in the venue will share the information.

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Quote, Sales Agreements

The event sales team simply selects the resources and venue room layouts in the diary. Bump-in and bump-out times can be automatically added. Pandarix Software now presents a choice of standard packages, with check list so avoids the tedious process of adding obvious items like catering, bar staff, F&B, to AV equipment but gives the opportunity to add items like the helicopter service as an up-sell item.

Pandarix automatically calculates the profit on the booking, prompts for dietary and set-up requirements and approvals for Helicopter transport as well as catering for more than 100 covers. When approvals, are granted Pandarix sends out a sales agreement.

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Service & Work Orders - Function Sheets

When the event manager looks at his or her upcoming events for next three months, the wedding event will be on his list of event to deliver with all the related agreed notes and delivery promises. By simply opening up the booking and function sheet screen, the facility/resource list, itinerary, deliverables and contact list will all be populated from the sales agreement. There after they can orchestrate the delivery of the complete event.

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The sales agreement form automatically includes payment terms on predefined rules, which can be a deposit of 25% in order to confirm the booking. Once the customer pays the deposit the booking is automatically converted to a pro forma invoice with paid status and an email is sent out to both the customer and the sales and events teams. An automated invoice can be generated or request is sent to the finance system along with notification that the balance invoice is due in two months’ time.

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Execution, up sell

On the day a full function sheet with the run order can be generated and printed. All additional work and service orders will be registered with full version control signed off and invoiced for payment

Hopefully you can then scan the gracious thank you letter from the bride against the customer record and reconcile estimated cost against actual cost and work out the actual profit.

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  • Feedback

    Post-event customer services include sending out thank you notes, requests for feed back as well as of course invitations to similar events. With a flexible dynamic, feedback Cycle to monitor, review, and deliver a quality product day in day out.