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  • Often CRM software are incredibly dull, overly complicated, or both. Pandarix CRM Software is designed to make tracking your leads and sales as lightweight and easy as possible. Combined with real-time availability checks, document generation and task management in one place – Pandarix is the first specialist universal event and venue booking software solution your team will love to use.

    • One simple screen – do not need to be a whiz kid to operate the system
    • Access all your customer communications and booking history
    • Accuracy will soar because sales and event teams don’t have to manually configure any part of their sales quotes and agreements.
    • Sell venue hires, to tickets to lessons to catering.
    • Standard offers and guided selling will help pick up the correct items for the bookings – zero errors
    • Sales Prompts will help collate the required information to close the deal
    • Very flexible user driven Pricing and Discounting
    • Proposal Generation and emailing on the fly

    Pandarix CRM Software for venues and events will give structure to help your team work better; less distraction, less confusion – more focus and clarity - Convert a sale enquiry to a sales agreement superfast!

  • Multiple statuses to Track Sales & Delivery Cycle

    We believe that transparency is not only helpful for organizing your work; it also makes work more engaging and enjoyable. Pandarix is designed to increase sharing and peer-recognition to foster great team cultures

    • Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place
    • Organise and track who’s responsible for each lead
    • Create your deal pipeline and sales reports. No more jumping between disconnected tools.
    • A progress update at a glance or a dive into the details
    • Create reports that keep you up to date on your progress
  • Full Version Control

    The ‘customer is always Right!’ – don’t question it make certain your process are in place to manage it

    Pandarix CRM Software ensures checks and balances are in place so there is no misunderstanding either between the sales team and customer, or customer and events team, or event and sales teams. All communications are tracked and documents are versioned automatically by the document management and crm software to stop misunderstandings and deliver a professional service.

    Do not over or under deliver to the detriment of the business or customer anymore!

  • Approval Management

    Sophisticated but intuitive approval process is in place for making sure the big deals, discounted bookings or those under the minimum margin get management approval before sales executives are authorised to proceed or sign off a scarce resource. Very importantly all credit limits are adhered also and the venue or event business do not over trade and bad debts are avoided at all cost

  • Pandarix Software is a ‘One Touch System’

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